Xiang Hua
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Xiang Hua, associate professor, lab director of Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Tel: 86-20-85291469, Fax: 86-20-85292482
Email: xiangh898@163.com

1995-1998: Master
Major: Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Research field: Molecular Biology of EDSV
Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agricultural and Animal Sciences Changchun, China
Major: Veterinary Hygiene
University of Agricultural and Animal Sciences, Changchun, China
2010-2011: Visiting Scholar,
                   College of Veterinary Medicine,
                   Cornell University ,Ithaca, New York, USA
2000-2004: DVM, Ph.D

Research Area
Major: Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Research field: Cloning and Sequencing of RHDV CD Strain Complete Genome, And Expression Study of RHDV VP60 Gene in Recombinant PRV Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agricultural and Animal Sciences,Changchun, China
Research Interests: Molecular biology of infectious disease; Serum and molecular epidemiology of animal disease pathogens; DNA and recombinant subunit vaccine development; molecular basis of viral pathogenesis; immunopathology of infectious disease; Diagnosis of viral pathogens.

Research and Professional Experience
1991-1995: Veterinary Hygiene
1995-1998: Cloning of the terminal HindIII fragment of EDSV.To complete whole genome sequencing and construct genome clone of egg drop syndrome virus,we digested the viral genome with HindIII restriction enzyme and cloned respective fragments.But the cloning of terminal fragment was hampered because it combined with a terminal protein.
2000-2004: Gene cloning, recombinant chimeric virus construction and animal trial.We cloned the complete genome of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus.At the same time the virulence gIgE gene of pseudorabies virus(PRV) were cloned,deleted partly,then subcloned into eukaryon expression vector with EGFP screening marker.The VP60 gene of RHDV was inset into the deleted region keeping the correct nucleotide base reading frame.The recombinant transfer vector was co-transfected into vero cells with PRV.We got recombinant PRV(rPRV) through homologous recombination and plaque purification.Then the expression of VP60 protein in rPRV was detected by indirect immunofluorescence  and western-blot.The viruence of rPRV was determined using rabbit.
2003-2004:Isolation of SARS-CoV-like virus in palm civets,and infection trial of palm civets with SARS-CoV isolated from human-beings,and production of high immune serum of horse immunized with inactived SARS-CoV
2004-2006:Molecular epidemiology of rabies virus both in bats and dogs.71 N gene sequences of rabies virus from bats ,dogs,pigs and cows were amplified by nested-RT-PCR.The relationship of viruses from different animals and human were analyzed.The result indicated that the distribution of rabies virus was region related other then animal species.
2004-2008: Molecular epidemiology of FMDV and SIV(swine influ virus) in south-east China.
2006-2011 Construction of infectious clone of feline calicivirus(FCV)  by reverse genetic engineering.FCV is the rare one in caliciviradae that can adapt to cell cultivation and cause CPE.Many caliciviruses(such as porcine CaV,bovine CaV,canine CaV,RHDV,and human CaV)can lead to severe disease,but they can’t be cultivated in cells.So FCV is a well model or template for basic research of caliciviruses.We have got the infectious clone.The next step is to construct mutated virus or chimeric virus to identify the function of respective gene from homologous or heterologous virus

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