Yao Lixian
2017-03-17 22:09 广东省农业科学院

Ph.D and Professor of Environmental Engineering
Soil & Fertilizer Institute, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Tel: 86-013660637007, Email: lyaolx@yahoo.com.cn


She has been engaged in environmental and biochemical behaviors of the residues of feed additives including organosenicals and antibiotics and fruit tree nutrition and fertilization since graduated from the South China Agricultural University in 1996; got the Ph.D in South China University of Technology in 2008; appointed as the scientist of Modern Agro-industry Technology Research System of China and the specialist of the Guangdong soil test and fertilization project; presided over about twenty projects, including the programs financed by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Modern Agro-industry Technology Research System, the International Plant Nutrition Institute, and so on; published seventy papers in Plant and Soil, Journal of Hazardous Materials and other scientific periodicals; achieved a Guangdong Progress Award of Science and Technology and an authorized patent of invention.
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Soil and Fertilizer Research Institute, GDAAS