Banana Genetic Improvement Research Team
2022-08-19 17:50 本网


BananaGenetic Improvement Research Team

  Principal Investigator: Yi Ganjun, Research Fellow / Ph.D.

  Our team has a total of 12 on-the-job staff, all of whom have doctorates. We focus on the banana fusarium wilt, cold resistance, high yields, and quality improvement. Based on the introduction, preservation, and evaluation of germplasm resources, mined gene resources through molecular biology, and molecular breeding, a series of disease-resistant and high-quality banana varieties were bred. In addition, our team carried out research and demonstration on high-yield and high-quality cultivation, postharvest treatment, and banana product processing. Our goal is to build a banana research team with a world-class academic level to provide strong scientific and technological support for the sustainable development of China's banana industry.