Demonstration Base of Agricultural Scientific Research and Experiment
2020-01-09 09:32

        The Demonstration Base mainly carries out research on key technology of agricultural production in Southern China, integrated innovation of new crops varieties, technology and products, experiment and demonstration as well as extension services, especially focuses on key technology of facility agricultural production and demonstration, extension. In the meanwhile, it takes charge of management of the Guangzhou National Agricultural S&T Park, National Agricultural S&T Innovation and Integrated Demonstration Base, Provincial Agricultural Modern S&T Demonstration Area and Baiyun Base, Dafeng Base in Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Besides, it also undertakes the mission of public administration and services, science popularization, industrial cognition and practice for university students.

          On account of high-temperature and rainy, typhoon weather in South China, the demonstration base has developed a key technology of Crops High Industrial Effective and Safety Production Modes in South China. It combines modern agricultural machinery technology, biotechnology, information technology, environmental control technology (soilless culture included) and other key technology for crops industrialization, which enables crops production getting rid of or reducing dependence on natural environment, so as to realize all-year production, ensure high-stable yield, qualified and safe products. This technology has been demonstrated and extended in southern China and generated good social and economical benefits.