Vegetable Research Institute
2020-01-09 09:16

     The Vegetable Research Institute devotes to the researches mainly including collection, identification, evaluation and innovation of germplasm resources, techniques of vegetable breeding, cultivation and seed production, and associated biological techniques. Up to now more than 90 vegetable varieties bred by the institute were approved for release by the National Crop Variety Approval Committee or Guangdong Crop Variety Approval Committee, and 2 independently developed techniques were selected as strongly promoted techniques in Guangdong Province.

     The institute focuses on heterosis, resistance of disease and stress, cell engineering and molecular marker assisted breeding of characteristic vegetables in South China. It holds domestic leading position in such researches as gynoecious, disease- and stress-resistance in South China characteristic cucurbitaceae vegetables, bacterial wilt resistance in solanaceae vegetables, the heterosis in leaf vegetables, genetic map construction and molecular biology in characteristic vegetable of South China. The institute has developed a serial of techniques such as vegetable nutrient comprehensive and highly efficient management, industrial growing and grafting seedlings, highly efficient water and fertilizer synchronized regulation and management, annual cultivation of edible fungi. A highly efficient vegetable cultivation system has been successfully constructed in Southern China ecological region.